Economy class
Economy class
Middle class
Middle class
Mercedes-Benz A-Class, 2000
Renault Sandero, 2018
Chevrolet Aveo, 2010
Renault Sandero Stepway, 2015
Renault Logan, 2018
Mitsubishi lancer, 2010
Toyota Corolla, 2015
Renault Logan, 2019
Hyundai Solaris, 2015
Nissan Almera, 2018
Geely Emgrand 7, 2018
Crossover Lada XRAY, 2018
Volkswagen Caravelle, 2006
Renault Traffic 2007

Rent a car in Brest

Despite the huge popularity abroad, in our country, car rental is just beginning to gain momentum. By the way, are interested in this convenient service, even those who have at its disposal own transportation.

Suppose you come on a visit to another country or city. If you are already accustomed to the personal car, the switch to public transport you would not want. In addition, there is a situation where the private car is a must have. Contact our car rental "Wheel" in Brest and we will solve your problems easily. We will offer you a car that best suits your needs and wishes. In our fleet will be found by all means make and model of your choice.

For whom such service and when is needed rental car?

  • - First of all, rent a car in Brest for those who are interested in travel. With a rented car with parking sensors and a convenient navigation system is possible without wasting time to visit all the planned activities;
  • - Rent a car without a driver can help if your car has broken for some reason. And you do not want to spoil the mood by public transport or waste your time endlessly calling and waiting for a taxi
  • - If you want to make a long-distance trip, you can also use rental cars. Our car rental company will offer you the opportunity to pick up the car in the city of Pinsk, Baranovichi, Grodno;
  • - A car rental service is usually required by tourists. With rental car, they can easily go to all their memorable places and sightseeing with comfort;
  • - Reasons why car rental in Brest selected representatives of different companies very much. For example, meeting important guests at the airport or the ability to deliver valuable customer to the venue of the negotiations with the convenience, etc;
  • - Not often, but sometimes the car is rented to get acquainted with its running properties. Rent a car without a driver gets the best way to get test drive before purchasing a vehicle.

What are the advantages of our company while providing rental car service in Brest?

  • - every car offered for rent is in perfect condition and will not cause you any problems in the operation;
  • - with the car you get insurance on it and a full package of necessary documentation;
  • - in our fleet is able to choose the car for everyone - choice of options really great. In fact, to arrange rental service is needed only another couple of minutes;
  • - besides the car, you can rent from us a roof box, car mini fridge, baby seat, GPS-navigation and other auxiliary devices that improve ride comfort. And only here for FREE;
  • - our specialists will provide you with expert assistance in choosing the car and will explain all the rental conditions;

Our company offers car hire service in Brest on the most favorable terms. You will be able to find a car that will satisfy you in all respects - in the class, design, power, fuel consumption efficiency, number of seats, the volume of the luggage compartment. We know how to be high-quality and convenient car rental service in Brest.

Referring to us for a rental car in Brest without a driver, you get the most favorable terms and all of the above advantages.