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Ladies and Gentlemen, We welcome you on our site and wish you pleasant surfing! We provide transportation services. Our services for people who know the price of their time and their money are convenient for guests who come to rest or on business trips, and if a disaster occurs and your transport is under repair, we will always come to the rescue! In the business sector, if there is not enough transport, call, we will find a solution!

For us it is important to provide impeccable customer service, reliability and safety of transport provided along with an optimal price policy.

Car rental "Wheel" - one of the youngest, but at the same time, the largest providers of car rental and rental services in the city of Brest. We work for you and do everything to make you satisfied with our services and our cars! Turning to us you can rent a car of the highest category. We provide cars of different class and price segment. You just need to call us at +375 44 538-66-99, +375 29 538-66-99, +375 162 56-66-99 or come to the office with a pleasant atmosphere, drink a good coffee and pick up the car!

Each individual order is considered individually. All you need is just to click the button and go to the car selection.

Enjoy your choice!


Together with our customers, we are moving forward, constantly improving the services offered, and also developing innovations in the car rental market, for even greater comfort and convenience for people.


The company provides its customers with numerous services that make the lease even more comfortable and expand the possibilities of using the car.
In addition to the basic services for car rental, the company offers to use the service of traveling abroad; to rent a bicycle, a trailer. We provide our clients: children's car seats, navigators, 3G-modems for access to the Internet, wardrobe trunks, auto-refrigerators! Also we carry out a transfer across the territory of the Republic of Belarus.
In order to rent a car, you do not need to go to our office. Our company is ready to deliver the car chosen by the client to any place and time, and also our customers can return the car in any place and even in other city.


From the very beginning of its activity, the company "Koleso" provides its customers with comfortable car rental conditions, constantly expanding the list of their services and creating opportunities for the introduction of new ones.
So, from the beginning of 2016, the company for the first time in the country introduced a unique service per-minute car rental CARSHRING on the same website: carsharing.by , where the fuel is already included in the rental price and car washing, making the rent even easier. We have offered our clients for the first time on the market various tariff plans for the optimal rental price. For the first time in the city of Brest, we began to deliver cars to other regions. Our clients always get professional advice by phone (we do not need to ask when calling - Is it a rental?)) We were the first to start booking a car for the desired number, month, day. Very soon payment and booking can be done with a plastic card. For the visual choice of the car, we installed a web-camera broadcasting content in the "online" mode with the ability to see almost all the cars that are in the rental at this moment . We work for you and for you!
For the comfort of our clients we work on a convenient schedule - from 09:00 to 21:00 without lunch and weekends. Our office is located in the central part of the city, along the main artery of the city of Masherov Avenue, 22.


Unfortunately, issues related to the safe temporary storage of a bicycle in the city are still very relevant today. The lack of bicycle parks in the city makes cyclists display miracles of fantasy and "fasten" their "horse" in all sorts of places - fences, railings, handrails, lighting supports and even trees. Near the car rental office in the center of the city at Masherov Ave. 22 is an original convenient bicycle park that allows you to correctly fix the bike, ensure its stability and take advantage of it anyone can. It will also be visible at night, as it will accumulate light during the day and give it away at night.
By the way, the car rental company "Wheel" also took care of safety in the adjacent territory with the help of online camera, which allows you to watch the car live on the air that the client wants to rent, observe the situation at the intersection of the main the city's arteries from Lenin Street, and also send greetings to anywhere in the world by simply waving the camera in front of the camera! The idea carries a social component, because the company "Wheel" the main goal - to make your beloved city safer and more attractive for Brest residents and guests of our city.