The minimum driving experience required for car hire is 3 years. In some cases, a car can be provided with less driving experience.

    In case of an accident in the absence of your fault, the damage will be reimbursed at the expense of the insurance company of the second participant in the accident, and in case of your fault in the accident - at the expense of the insurance company of this car.
    * In case of an accident, traffic inspectors must be called immediately.
    * provide us with a certificate from the State Traffic Inspectorate for processing damages in the insurance company.

    All resolutions from the video fixing cameras come to our mailing address. Usually fines come within 2-3 weeks after the violation. But there are cases when resolutions come in 2-3 months. After receiving the decision, we officially notify the SAI that the car was rented during the violation with the application of auto transfer and acceptance acts, and they are already directly contacting you on the issue of collecting the fine.
    * If a lease agreement is made for a foreign citizen, a notarized translation of the passport and driving license is required.
    The car is rented by the customer with the gasoline tank already filled. The lessee is obliged to return the car with the same amount of fuel that was in the tank at the time of transfer of the car, otherwise the cost of the missing fuel is paid.
    The person who rented a car from us should take into account that the car can be operated within the Republic of Belarus. Departure outside the Republic of Belarus is negotiated directly in our office.
    Then you will definitely enjoy our new service-per-minute rental cars with comfortable conditions - no mileage limit, fuel is already included in the price.
    * Now all our customers have the opportunity to take the car only for the period that is really needed, and forget about the daily payment. A per-minute lease is convenient, profitable and very simple! Click here!
    • Cost of fuel and washer fluid
    • Damage to the interior of the car
    • Puncture and damage to tires and rims
    • Car wash and cleaning
    • Payment of traffic police fines for violation of traffic rules
    No problem! Also we can provide you free of charge navigation for the period of car rental.
    Payment is made forward for the entire period of rental car. The cost of renting cars includes insurance on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and maintenance of the car.
    If you want to book a car for the current or next day, just call our office. Reservations are made without prepayment. To book a particular car on the exact date you need to leave a deposit.

    Yes, of course, for a small fee we will provide you with a mobile Wi-Fi router that will allow you to connect up to 10 people to the Internet at high speed!