SIM card

Very often, Belarus is visited by tourists from bordering countries, as well as from Germany and China, Italy and Turkey, the USA ... And in our country they also want to stay in touch with their relatives and friends, work colleagues or partners.

Currently, mobile communications for guests of the country has become easier and cheaper. Car rental "Wheel" offers to its customers and guests of the city SIM-cards of mobile operators of the country, whose tariff plans do not include a monthly fee, which, in turn, will make traveling around Belarus as comfortable and convenient as they already include gigabytes of Internet traffic and minutes to all networks !!!

Tariffs are designed specifically for foreign tourists, who according to official statistics spend in Belarus on average up to 10 days. Now, when connecting to these tariff plans, they get gigabytes of Internet and minutes to all networks in the country, which can use 10 days, that is, even more than how much tourists usually spend on the network of a mobile operator. If necessary, voice and Internet traffic can be purchased.

It’s very convenient to take advantage of our offer, since you don’t need to look for the nearest communication salon in an unfamiliar city with the same cost of SIM-cards. By renting a car from us and connecting a local SIM-card, at the tariffs at times cheaper than roaming, you will be mobile as well as in your own country! Welcome to the Republic of Belarus!

SIM card