All Car Rental Cars "Wheel" are insured under OSGO conditions. Insurance premium is included in the tariff.
In addition to the standard insurance tariffs, Rent a Car "Wheel" provides customers with a useful opportunity to reduce their financial liability in the event of an accident and damage to the car by purchasing one of the liability limitation packages. These packages are not insurance, they reflect the limitations of your liability for damage to the car (except for components), subject to the provisions of the contract.

Liability limitation package that can be included in a car rental agreement:

These liability limitation packages are valid only in the Republic of Belarus.


Driver and passenger insurance

Life and health are the greatest human value! It is for this reason that our car rental WHEEL offers insurance not only for the car, but also for the driver and passengers during the trip. This policy of insurance against accidents of the driver and passengers is a reliable protection for you and your loved ones.

The insurance policy is valid in the event of various injuries, injuries or other health damage resulting from an accident, as well as a fire or explosion of a car, and applies to all participants in an emergency in the car.

This policy is provided to our clients absolutely free of charge.

страховой полис


In all cases, there may be exceptions. Your liability is not limited to the selected insurance package. If the tenant was driving carelessly or carelessly, or was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he will have to fully compensate for the damage, regardless of the liability limitation package chosen.

Please note that, in accordance with the policy of our rental, in some cases it is necessary to cover damage to the windshields, tires, underbody or interior, pay for towing or replacement of keys. Please check carefully before signing the contract whether it provides for such exceptions.

The standard OSGO insurance assumes, in the event of a client’s fault, unconditional compensation for damage, i.e. his payment to the rental company. Please note that liability limitation packages can be purchased on site to reduce / not risk and protect you and your property.