Rent terms

The tenant of a car must have:
     - citizens of the Republic of Belarus: passport, driver's license ;
       Foreign citizens: passport or residence permit, driver's license (upon request - registration in the Republic of Belarus or hotel receipt);
     - driving experience not less than 1 year;
     - age of tenant from 19 years to infinity;
     - the collateral value is from 100 BYN and depends on the class of the selected car;
     - have a driver's license of category "B";
     - the lessor is entitled to request additional documents.
In exceptional cases, the car can be provided to a customer under 22 years of age and with a driving experience of up to 2 years.

Terms of Use:
     - The car is provided to the lessee for operation on public roads with a hard road surface (asphalt, concrete);
     - the customer is obliged to drive the car personally and has no right to sublet the car, transfer it to third parties;
     - the client is obliged to comply with the traffic rules;
     - in the cabin of a rented car, in order to avoid damage, it is prohibited to smoke, eat and drink alcohol;
     - it is forbidden to transport large-sized items;
     - It is forbidden to transport animals without a special container;
     - the territory of travel of the client is determined by the administrative-territorial borders of the Republic of Belarus;
     - car mileage for one day should not exceed 350 km. If it is necessary to exceed the maximum mileage, the cost of the next 100 km is 10 BYN (multiplicity 100 км).

Return Policy: 
     - The car is provided to the customer in a technically sound condition and in its pure form. All cars are equipped with an emergency stop sign, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a spare wheel, a jack, a balloon key. The car is returned by the customer in the form and completeness in which it was received;
    - when receiving and returning the vehicle, a reception-transfer certificate is drawn up on the basis of which the conformity of the vehicle's condition and completeness is checked;
    - if the customer delays the car for more than 30 minutes, the landlord's warning is mandatory!

Terms of payment: 
    - the car is rented on condition of full prepayment;
    - when giving a car for rent, a deposit is charged. The mortgage is returned upon the expiry of the lease term, unless the lessee violated the obligations under the contract;
    - in the tariff at car rent are not included: cost of fuel, payment for a parking, payment of penalties, an automobile sink.
    - cash and non-cash payment is possible, it is also possible to pay on our website by credit card here.

Rental period:
    - the minimum rental period is 9 hours  -  rate plan "Noontime";
    - the extension of the lease term is made by concluding an additional agreement to the lease agreement;
    - a car reservation is valid for 30 minutes after the end of the booking time by the client.

Tariff plans:

Car rental is economically beneficial for those who, for one reason or another, do not have their own car or have been without it for the time being. The “Basic” tariff with a mileage of 350 km / day will allow you to visit all the planned events and you will not have to spoil your mood in public transport, or lose your time, endlessly calling and waiting for a taxi.

Especially for you, the Weekend Tariff has been developed, aimed at maximum savings.

Using the "Weekend" Tariff service at the "Wheel" car rental you get for free almost the whole day of car rental.

At the same time the car is at your disposal all weekends: the car can be picked up on Friday from 16:00 and returned on Monday until 10:00 inclusive.

A run of 700 km will allow you to experience all the beauty of nature and the sights of the Republic of Belarus, spend pleasant time with family and friends, or have time to do everything planned.

Do you need a car for a couple of hours? We have something to offer you - Daytime Tariff Plan. Rent a car from 09: 0 to 18:00 at the price of 65% of the cost of the “Basic” Tariff Plan with a mileage of 100 km.

     Working for you, we provide a choice. Your car rental "Wheel".

Car delivery to Pinsk, Baranovichi, Grodno:

Going towards customers, our company provides delivery of a rental car to the cities of the Republic of Belarus, at the address stated. Each of us faced with the situation when we come to a certain city, and from the means of transportation only a taxi at inflated prices or even with a lack of rental cars in the city. In such cases, to save time, nerves and money, we offer you a reliable car with delivery. Our managers will tell you the amount of payment for this service by phone on an individual basis.

We do not guarantee the specific brand of the car and the type of fuel, but we can guarantee another car from the selected class, or class above. All the pictures of the car on this site are illustrative.